Welcome to Apex Commercial Real Estate Services. Since 2009, the team at Apex Commercial Real Estate Services has been working hard to find the best deals in real estate for each of their clients. Throughout the years, we have added highly skilled, determined, and educated real estate professionals that are eager to serve all of your real estate needs.


 Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or investor, Apex Commercial Real Estate Services has the tools and the experience needed to get you to the next step in your portfolio.


Apex Commercial Real Estate

Purchasing a new asset can be frustrating, time consuming, and labor intensive. We can help you navigate the road to success and get you to closing quickly, easily, and competently. Looking to get rid of an under-performing asset? Maybe you need a change of scenery? We can help you get out of your current property by bringing sincere, educated, well qualified buyers. We have an extensive network of buyers that we have worked with time and time again.


Apex Capital Markets

Looking to purchase a new asset, refinance a current one, or even build a brand new property? The team at Apex Capital Markets is highly skilled, educated, and dedicated to matching you with the right lender at the right terms. We specialize in SBA, Conventional, Hard/Private, and Ground Up Construction loans.

Apex Commercial Development

In the market for a new property but can't find 'the one'? We can help you throughout the tricky process of developing a new asset. From purchasing the land to the ribbon cutting, we will be there every step of the way.

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